How Long Can You Go Without Tightening Your Braces?


Children, teens, and adults alike often struggle with the new challenge of maintaining their braces. However, being able to answer common questions about orthodontics, such as, “How long can you go without tightening your braces?” is essential for getting the most out of your braces and improving your long-term dental health. Maldonado Orthodontics, a respected […]

What Is Crossbite and How Can an Orthodontist Help?

Crossbite is an orthodontic condition in which a person’s teeth do not fit together in the correct orientation. A crossbite can involve a single tooth, or can involve several teeth. Anterior crossbite – also known as underbite – is a variation in which the lower front teeth overlap in front of the upper teeth. Oral […]

What Causes a Gap in the Teeth? How an Orthodontist Helps

A person’s smile contributes to many things, including appearance, confidence, and self-esteem. Many children have gaps in their front primary teeth, but they tend to close by themselves as children grow. However, you might feel self-conscious about your smile if you have a gap in the teeth as an adult.  Leading Hammond orthodontist Maldonado Orthodontics understands the frustrations […]

Is Adult Orthodontic Treatment More Difficult?

Are you dissatisfied with your teeth? You may think you are unable to seek adult orthodontic treatment. In fact, many people assume that these solutions are dangerous or ineffective after their teenage years. Our orthodontic experts at Maldonado Orthodontics debunk some of these myths. We help you understand the importance of investing in high-quality dental […]

All You Need to Know About Wearing Retainers

All orthodontic treatment eventually comes to an end, and when you have a set of nice, straight teeth, you will definitely need to wear a retainer. As an experienced orthodontist in Hammond, our staff at Maldonado Orthodontics have decades of experience in retainer wear and placement. We put together this guide to answer any questions […]

Braces on Adults: Reasons Why – And When Is It Too Late?


Braces frequently help teenagers fix their smiles and enjoy excellent oral health for years to come. But what about those of us who are past the age to be middle school baseball studs or high school homecoming queens? It’s never too late to get the beautiful smile you deserve, and there are many reasons for […]

Invisalign® vs. 3M Clarity Aligners

For many years, Orthodontists only had one tool to align your teeth, braces. Orthodontists and patients had no other choice. With the creation of clear aligners, that all changed. Invisalign® was the first company to introduce a clear aligner to the market, and it changed orthodontics forever. This new treatment gave orthodontists and patients a […]

Once We Reopen – Is It Safe to Go?

When the time comes for our office to reopen, you may be wondering what precautions Maldonado Orthodontics is taking to ensure your safety. During the COVID-19 crisis and beyond, the safety of patients and staff continues to be a top priority: Before, during and after treatment: When it comes to preventing the spread of disease, […]