What’s a Board Certified Orthodontist?

A board certified orthodontist is an orthodontist who has voluntarily gone through the process of demonstrating their judgement, skills and knowledge to their orthodontic peers in order to ultimately provide the highest level of patient care.   They have achieved board certification through the American Board of Orthodontics, the only orthodontic specialty board recognized by the […]

COVID-19 Update

Given the outbreak of COVID-19, all dentists in Louisiana have been given a mandate by the Louisiana Department of Health to postpone any non-emergency appointments through at least April 16. You can be assured that this decision was not made lightly but was made to protect patients, staff and families. We have been contacting our […]

How not to fix a gap

The December 2018 issue of the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics reports on an 8-year-old boy in Greece who had a gap between his two permanent front teeth. According to that article, his parents did not consult an orthodontist. Instead, taking matters into their own hands, they used a tiny rubber band to […]

uh-oh, i thought Having Straight front teeth was enough!

Looks Can Be Deceiving Be wary of techniques which purportedly straighten only your front teeth in some pre-determined length of time. Things are not always as they appear. We all know people who from the outside look healthy, but who internally are battling a chronic illness. Likewise, you may be interested to learn that even […]