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What is Inbrace?

What if your braces were behind your teeth so you can enjoy your smile while straightening your teeth? Lingual braces (InBrace) isn’t like other teeth straighteners. InBrace is personalized for your mouth and designed to move teeth in a way that’s fast, healthy, and completely under the radar.

No Visible Wires or Brackets!

Sitting neatly–and discreetly–behind your teeth, the Smartwire gently moves teeth over time with the help of advanced computer modeling and AI algorithms. Sound complicated? It’s not. And if anyone asks how you got such great teeth, you can just tell them a robot did it.

How InBrace works?

If Dr. Maldonado determines that you are a candidate for InBrace, a digital scan will be made of your mouth. Dr. Maldonado will then develop a digital treatment plan.​

Once the treatment plan is completed, a personalized smartwire will be made.​

Dr. Maldonado will then apply the brackets and smartwire to the back of your teeth, without anyone knowing!​

Using gentle pressure, the smartwire will slowly and continuously move your teeth into place.​

You just keep doing you – brush and floss normally and watch your smile get better over time.

Watch the video below!​ ​