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Maldonado Orthodontics, a top orthodontist near Kenner, LA, brings together family and beautiful smiles. Our father and son practice provides orthodontic services ranging from traditional braces to surgical solutions. Call Maldonado Orthodontics today at (504) 215-7987 to set up a free consultation.

What Services Do Maldonado Orthodontics near Kenner, LA, Provide?

Orthodontic practices are different from local dental practices or cosmetic dentistry offices. Orthodontists diagnose and treat tooth and jaw alignment issues using a variety of treatments and technologies. These issues include:

●       Open bite
●       Crossbite
●       Overbite
●       Underbite
●       Crooked Teeth
●       Gapped teeth

These orthodontic issues can cause painful problems while speaking and eating and contribute to grinding and jaw clenching. Dr. Hector Maldonado and Dr. Kyle Maldonado are board-certified orthodontists who provide an array of corrective orthodontic treatments to help their patients get the smile they deserve.

Dr. Hector Maldonado (Left)
Dr. Kyle Maldonado (Right)

Who Needs Orthodontic Treatment?

Oral health and professional dental care go hand in hand. Individuals of all ages need quality dental and orthodontic services to create and maintain a healthy mouth. Contact our orthodontic office to schedule an appointment with a top-rated orthodontist near Kenner, LA.

Children & teens

After baby teeth fall out, adult teeth begin to come in, and occasionally these teeth are not in the ideal positions for a healthy smile and bite. Early intervention will prevent more painful problems from developing.

Children need access to early identification and orthodontic treatment to keep them healthy and happy.


Many adults feel they’ve missed the opportunity to address their smile and oral health, but it’s not too late! Thanks to continuing advancements in orthodontic treatments, adults can discover a pain-free, healthy smile. Consult with Dr. Maldonado for more information on the best treatments for oral health and orthodontic concerns.

Explore Treatment Options at Maldonado Orthodontics Near Kenner

Orthodontic treatments aren’t limited to traditional braces. Patients can speak with Dr. Maldonado about various orthodontic services to discover which option is best for their lifestyle and smile goals.

Traditional Metal Braces

Traditional braces are incredibly effective for individuals of all ages. This treatment uses a combination of metal brackets, wires, and elastics to guide teeth into the appropriate positions for an improved bite and better jaw function.

Clear Braces

This orthodontic solution is a less noticeable option for individuals seeking a more subtle form of alignment. Patients can maintain their confidence while receiving reliable treatment for misaligned teeth using clear brackets instead of metal ones.

Clear aligners can be used by patients of all ages. Using 3D printing technology, custom clear aligners are made to comfortably fit the patient’s teeth and gradually shift them into alignment. Thanks to the transparent material and natural fit, this orthodontic treatment often goes unnoticed by onlookers.

This updated version of traditional braces hides behind the patient’s teeth for a virtually invisible orthodontic treatment. To create a custom set of braces, Dr. Maldonado will digitally scan each candidate’s teeth as part of the InBrace braces treatment plan. The brackets and wires are then custom made to each patient.

Some might think that oral surgery is only for dental implants, but jaw or orthognathic surgery also helps correct severe issues with the jawbone structures. Misaligned jaws can cause acute and chronic pain while chewing, speaking, and yawning. Surgical orthodontics can restore jaw function and give you a healthy bite.

Before committing to a specific orthodontic treatment at Maldonado Orthodontics, patients must undergo an oral examination with digital x-rays and discuss their potential treatment options with Dr. Maldonado. Don’t forget to ask about financing plans!

Schedule a Consultation with Dr. Hector Maldonado and Dr. Kyle Maldonado

Patients of all ages can find dependable, compassionate orthodontic care with Maldonado Orthodontics near Kenner, LA. Our caring team of experienced and licensed orthodontists has helped many patients boost oral health and confidence with expert treatment plans.

Our father and son practice is a reliable orthodontist near Kenner, LA. Schedule an initial consultation at Maldonado Orthodontics by calling (504) 215-7987 today!​

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