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Braces for Impacted Canine: How Can They Help?

Many dentists and surgeons recommend braces for impacted canine teeth to move them to the appropriate spot. When children’s teeth are still growing and developing, it’s vital to tackle any oral issues as soon as possible. When teeth are hidden or partially stuck in the gums, a child could experience discomfort, a lack of confidence, and bite problems down the road. 

At Maldonado Orthodontics, we provide professional and reliable metal brace treatment in Metairie, LA, and the surrounding areas of Lutcher and Hammond. In this article, we’ll explain why impacted canines occur and how braces can help. After learning more, give one of our offices a call.

Impacted Teeth and Braces: What You Can Do

Impacted teeth occur when teeth don’t have enough room to grow into place properly. It’s potentially difficult to spot impacted teeth if the gums completely envelop them, but you might notice partial visibility. Dealing with multiple impacted teeth is more complicated, but there are solutions to treat this common problem.

Since canines are some of the last adult teeth to grow in for children, it’s no wonder that they can become impacted. Still, it’s essential to know what contributes to impacted canines, various impact types, the consequences of leaving them unaddressed, and how braces can help deal with them.

Causes of Impacted Canine Teeth

Some potential reasons for impacted canines include:

  • A small jaw
  • Overcrowding
  • Tooth damage
  • Genetic factors

Types of Impacted Teeth

The direction that impacted teeth grow in can help determine the appropriate treatment. If teeth are growing sideways, they should receive immediate dental care from a professional. Here are the four primary types of impaction:

  • Angular Impaction: During this impaction, a tooth sits at an angle from one to 90 degrees. 
  • Horizontal Impaction: This is when teeth grow horizontally instead of vertically and cause extreme mouth pain.
  • Partial Impaction: The tooth slightly appears from the gums.
  • Vertical Impaction: The impacted tooth collides with its neighbors but still grows vertically.

If you notice impaction with your child’s canines, it’s vital to seek dental treatment immediately. 

Consequences of Neglecting Impacted Teeth

A common question we receive at our practice is, “What happens if I don’t get treatment for my child’s impacted canines?” Unfortunately, this issue can harm more than just the impacted teeth but also others throughout the mouth. The teeth might push down painfully on the gums and make normal eating habits difficult.

Long-term health concerns include poor oral health, tooth decay, or pericoronitis. However, many dentists recommend using braces in combination with a surgical exposure for impacted canine to guide the tooth into the right spot. Upon meeting with our helpful dental team, we can figure out if this treatment can help your child. 

Receiving Braces for Impacted Canine Teeth

Braces can correct your bite and help promote the proper growth of teeth. They’re needed for impacted canine teeth as they guide them in the right direction, but your child may need oral surgery to remove some of the excess gum material blocking the teeth. Caring for teeth with braces often requires extra attention and good oral hygiene habits for the best results.

It’s best to avoid crunchy and chewy foods so the wires don’t snap or bend. Some kids wonder if braces hurt, but Maldonado Orthodontics tries to make the process as painless as possible.

Contact Maldonado Orthodontics in Hammond, Lutcher, or Metairie, LA

While impacted teeth are frustrating and sometimes painful for the affected person, treatment options are available. If you have questions about braces or oral health concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to any of our trusted dental offices.

Maldonado Orthodontics offers helpful consultation appointments and can determine whether or not braces for impacted canine teeth could help your child’s teeth. We have three convenient locations for our practice and have seen several patients with impacted teeth at each of them.

Call us today at (985) 542-8719 (Hammond), (225) 869-3753 (Lutcher), or (504) 455-5581 (Metairie) for an initial consultation appointment. 


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