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Can You Get Braces With a Crown?

Many dental patients ask, “Can you get braces with a crown?” as some people need multiple types of treatment to improve their smiles and oral health. Understanding whether this combination of treatments is possible can help you make the best decision about your dental care. 

Learn more about how crowns and braces can work together to improve your smile, then reach out to Maldonado Orthodontics. We offer a wide range of orthodontic dental services, including metal braces in Metairie, LA. Schedule your consultation with us today!

Getting Braces With Crowns: What You Should Know

If you understand the power of smiling, you know your smile can have a positive impact on yourself and others. Achieving a straight and aesthetically pleasing smile may require professional assistance with braces, but what about if you also need a crown? You can get braces before crowns or after, but it depends on the recommendations of your dental professional, your oral health, and several other factors. 

What Do Braces and Crowns Do?

Braces can help straighten crooked teeth, sometimes addressing overbites or underbites. Although many people get braces when they are children or teenagers, it’s possible to get them in adulthood. You can get crowns to protect broken, damaged, or chipped teeth and require minimal maintenance, while veneers are protective exterior coverings that perfectly match your existing teeth in color, size, and shape.

Can you get braces with a crown? Yes, but checking with your dental provider about the complications or possible risks is always a good idea.

Whether you need crowns or veneers, a reputable dental professional can recommend the best next steps. If you’re a good candidate for braces, it’s best to have your treatments for crowns, implants, or veneers after their installation. When your crowns are in top shape and you have good oral health, having braces alongside them should pose no problems. 

Choosing What Type of Braces You Want

Multiple types of braces are available, depending on your budget and preferences. Traditional metal braces are a common option, but many patients favor the comfort and aesthetic of Invisalign braces, which are less restrictive. No matter which style you pick, braces make straightening your teeth much easier, but having a good orthodontist on your side can help you have the most enjoyable experience. 

Potential Risks of Getting Braces With a Crown

Braces are among the most common dental treatments, but several risks are possible when you get them with crowns. You can discuss the financial and physical consequences of getting crowns and braces with your dentist and orthodontist. Some downsides to know are:

  • You may have a harder time cleaning crowns with braces. 
  • The pressure from braces may damage your crowns, but it’s unlikely.
  • Your bite may change with the addition of braces to your crown. 

Typically, the advantages outweigh any downsides when combining braces and crowns. You can take care of any physical flaws with your teeth, create a more uniform and appealing look, and improve the function of your teeth. You’ll have a better bite and could end up strengthening your oral health by adding braces and crowns with the guidance of an orthodontic professional. 

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On our blog, you can read more about what to expect during your first week with braces and other topics. If you believe you need dental work or would like to improve your smile and don’t know where to begin, the trusted professionals of Maldonado Orthodontics are here to help. Now that you know the answer to “Can you get braces with a crown?” it’s time to pursue the appropriate orthodontic treatments for your needs.Maldonado Orthodontics offers a wide range of dental treatments and services across three Louisiana offices. Schedule a free consultation by calling our Lutcher (225-869-3753), Hammond (985-542-8719), or Metairie (504-455-5581) practices to discuss your needs.


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