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First Visit To The Orthodontist

Your complimentary initial visit (click to schedule) will give you an opportunity to meet Dr. Maldonado and allow him to examine you to determine the extent and nature of the problem. He will then discuss all of your options and will also be able to give you a general idea of the length and cost of treatment and answer any other questions you may have. If it appears that treatment with braces or aligners is needed, diagnostic records (consisting of photographs, soft impressions of the teeth and X-rays of the head and jaws) may be taken at this time, or if more convenient, at a subsequent records appointment. The cost of the diagnostic records will be discussed beforehand.

After carefully studying your orthodontic records and arriving at a final diagnosis, Dr. Maldonado will outline the treatment plan to you and make all necessary recommendations. The cost, anticipated length of treatment and financial arrangements will also be presented and any remaining questions discussed. See Cost and Financing.